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Mother F**ker In A Cape - Comics & Activism: The Social Justice Geek Podcast!

Dec 15, 2020

"It's been a long time..."

Been distracted by a worldwide pandemic, but I'm back!

My guest is Francesca Sloane, a dope television writer, who worked on the most recent season of Fargo (w/Chris Rock), & the upcoming 3rd & 4th seasons of the TV show Atlanta!

Francesca also just signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios,...

Feb 20, 2020

Jenny Parks, illustrator & creator of the famous and funny Star Trek Cats books, talks about how she got started in art, how she found her way into selling her art at conventions, and how she eventually got her work published by Marvel Comics, as well as illustrating books that are licensed and approved by Paramount!


Feb 6, 2020

In this episode, I briefly interview 3 people creating art for Anguish Garden: Carl Carrell, who’s composing the musical score for the book, Kevin Caron, who’s doing all of the layouts, & Dailen Ogden, who doing all the pencil/ink work.

Recorded at the Kickstarter Kickoff party for my new graphic novel, Anguish...

Feb 1, 2020

Another classic 2016 episode, with my guests, Kevin Caron & Jake Fairly. (Kevin is now doing work on my new graphic novel, Anguish Garden!)

They talk about how they got into comics, why diverse viewpoints in comics are vital, and how they approach making their own comics!

So check it out!

Also, my Kickstarter begins...

Jan 23, 2020

Jan C. J. Jones, the author of "A Journey With Strange Bedfellows", discusses how her graphic novel began as an audio drama, her past as a scientist, and how she came to read comic books as a child.

At the end of this interview, you'll hear a sample of her audio drama, so check it out!


Also, don't forget...