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Mother F**ker In A Cape - Comics & Activism: The Social Justice Geek Podcast!

Jul 18, 2019

Here's another classic episode being restored to the stream - one of my first episodes ever. I talked with 3 Asian-American comics creators who are constantly being mistaken for each other, even though they look nothing alike!

The audio is a little rough, because it's from back when we were figuring tech out with...

Jul 12, 2019

Comics writer Kelly Sue DeConnick ("Captain Marvel", "Bitch Planet", "Pretty Deadly") talks with me about the strategy of building a comics career, from creative marketing to correctly identifying your customer.


This is important, because, for so many creative people, our biggest impediment is actually finishing

Jul 4, 2019

Comics artist and therapist Jacenta Irlanda discusses how comics and art can be used as tools for therapy, how she incorporates these themes into her own art, and ways to promote healing for mental health struggles.

She also has a dope podcast that you should check out, called Psych Hero!

Check it out: 

Jun 27, 2019

Comics creators and musicians Aaron Howell and Jake Fairly discuss creating the official comic book for Aaron's band, MF Ruckus, and tell us how they ended up working on Billy Ray Cyrus' new video! 

Jake's band's video (about literally eating white supremacists):

The Billy Ray...

Jun 1, 2019

In this classic episode, I spoke with comics creators Patricia Krmpotich and Andrew Mark about the importance of making comics for children. They both make very passionate points, so check it out!